Injectable Treatments in Mayfair

Medical Wrinkle Relax Treatments From
Upper Face One area

Upper Face Two areas

Upper Face Three Areas

Bunny Lines

Bunny Lines

Dimpled/Pebble Chin

Neck smooth/Nefertiti Lift           

Jawline Slimming

Hyperhydrosis/Excessive Sweating





£50 with any upper face treatment





Dermal Fillers/Lip fillers London cost Per Syringe From

Naso-Labial Folds/Nose to Mouth




Coming soon…


Chin Augmentation        

Jawline Sculpt      


Temple Hollow

















Sunekos London From
Sunekos 200 (Face/Neck and

Mesotherapy Under eyes)

Sunekos 200 décolletage 

Sunekos 1200 (Face)


Initial treatment for the face may require a combination of Sunekos 1200 and 200 in one sitting depending on the level of rejuvenation needed. 


Sunkekos requires a course of four treatments at designated intervals to achieve effective and optimal results

Packages of Sunkeso 200 treatments are available at a reduced cost when purchased in a single transaction

The Initial treatment involving both Sunekos 1200 and 200 is performed in one session and is considered as one treatment but carries two separate charges. 













Skin Treatments London


Collagen Induction Therapy with Mesotherapy London

All treatments come with a complementary Mesotherapy cocktail relating to the skin concern

Optimum results are seen after five sessions one month apart and maintained thereafter. 

Packages are available when purchased as a single transaction

Price from
Microneedling for Cosmetic Skin Glow

Medical skin needling with Glow Peel, Rejuvenating post-treatment  mask, and LED Light therapy                                       

Medical Skin Needling for Neck and décolletage with Peel, Rejuvenating post-treatment mask and LED Light therapy 


Mesotherapy for Hair

A course of 6 to 8 treatments required

Packages are available when purchased as a single transaction










The Vampire Facial/Hair restoration London 

Platelet Rich Plasma/Fibrin (PRF/PRP)

A course of 6 to 8 treatments required

Packages are available when purchased as a single transaction                                         

VI PEEL Medical Peel London From
Acne Purify 




Combined with Medical Antiinkle treatment used for forehead, frown lines, and crow’s feet in one session







Healthy Skin Peels

Uneven skin tone/Acne/Rosacea Peels

with rejuvenating post-treatment  mask and LED Light Therapy 

Packages are available when purchased as a single transaction

Glow Facials also suitable for  pregnant and breastfeeding 

Beta mask rejuvenating mask with cryo-massage

Packages are available when purchased as a single transaction



Fire and Ice Skin Resurfacing London with rejuvenating post-treatment mask and LED Light Therapy

Packages are available when purchased as a single transaction




Oxygen Facial London


Oxygenation/Exfoliation/Infusion /Rejuvenation Facial with a nourishing mask

With skin tightening and with rejuvenating mask and LED Light therapy                 

Face, neck, and décolletage with rejuvenating mask and LED Light Therapy       

Packages are available when purchased as a single transaction








Dermaplaning London to remove peach fuzz and dead skin Decadent Facial with Glow Peel, rejuvenating post-treatment mask, and LED light therapy for a glass skin finish rejuvenating post-treatment mask and cryo massage 

With added LED light therapy for a glass skin finish


Packages are available when purchased as a single transaction





DermInfusion 24-Carat  Biorevitalization treatment 


DermInfusion 24- Carat Biorevitalization treatment with Medical Antiwrinkle formula

DermInfusion 24-Carat Gold Decadent Facial 

Included Peel, Dermaplaning  Dermunfusion device delivering skin-loving ingredients, rejuvenating post-treatment mask, and LED light therapy.  Followed by medical-grade skincare to complete the treatment. 

DermInfusion 24-Carat Gold Decadent Facial With Medical Antiwrinkle formula

Packages are available when purchased as a single transaction














Non-Surgical Hair Loss treatment London

A course of 10 treatments is required with initial 2 initiation treatments in the first week






Treatment Options

Standard RF Restoration Course 


Boost RF Restoration Course with Mesotherapy cocktail of growth factors 


Deluxe RF Restoration Course with PRP/PRF


Standard option combined with MD Regenerative Growth Factors/ Stem cell injections


Supreme RF Restoration Course 


Standard and Delux option plus two completely at-home hair kits worth £390 


Payment Options 

Initial 50% payment. The remaining to be made four weeks after the initial payment 

One-off payment includes future single maintenance treatments at a heavily discounted cost



Deso Fat Dissolving injections for face/body London

Ideal for double chin, flanks, muffin tops, stubborn belly fat and so much more

Multiple sessions needed 

Please note this is to treat stubborn pockets of fat and not a weight loss 


£350 for the first session

£300 subsequent sessions for that area



SlimRefine Clinically Proven Weight Loss Program 

(Prescription only following an in-depth medical consultation)



£390 for one month 

£470 for two months






Home Spa London


Price includes national delivery 
COSMED Purifying Max Kit

designed to combat acne, oily and congested skin. Reduce breakouts without skin irritation.  

Contains full sizes 

  • Deep Cleansing Gel 100ml 
  • Clarifying Solution 100ml
  • Pro-Retinal 30ml
  • Branded Cosmetic Bag 

(We also recommend professional in-clinic treatments for optimum results)


COSMED Daily Essesncial Max 

Cosmeceutical collection of hydroxy acids, retinal, vitamins, peptides to rejuvenate and reduce the signs of aging leaving you with youthful skin radiance and glow

Contains full sizes  

  • Deep cleaning Gell 100 ml 
  • Vitamin C serum 30ml
  • Pro-Retinal 30ml 
  • Branded cosmetic Bag 



8-week system 2 home peel treatments designed to rescue,

This kit includes 

  • Deep cleansing gel 100ml
  • Gentle Peel
  •  Hydropro post-peel  £15
  • Bi-Gel Post-treatment Masks x2 

AnteAge Microneedling 8 Week Treatment system 


  • Two Stem Cell/Growth Factor Serums
  • Derma-Roller 
  • Two complementary Beta- hydro post-treatment masks 

AnteAge hair restoration 10-week Treatment System 


  • AnteAege Treatment Solution
  • AnteAge Nourishing Solution
  • Derma- Infusion Stamp 






































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